Pansa Pansa
Fela Kuti Lyrics

I go someplace
I see the place
I sing this
I sing Alako
Eh Alako o
Them vex, them pain dem say
I sing this song
I sing calacuta show ooo
Calacuta show
I sing zombie
I sing no bread
I sing monkey dey walk baboon dey chop

I sing song
Before I jump like monkey give me banana
Yes sir
Before I jump like monkey
Yes sir
Give me banana
Yes sir
Them vex them play them say I take them place
Before I sing go slow o
Go slow
Buh me I swear,
Buh me I swear but me I swear as long as Africa dey suffer
Africa no unite
No freedom
No happiness
No belonging
Them go hear pansa pansa
Pansa pansa
Dem never hear anything at all
Pansa pansa
Vex complain dem say I guard em face
Pansa pansa
Dem go hear pansa pansa
Pansa pansa
Pansa pansa
Pansa pansa
Pansa pansa
Pansa pansa
Pansa pansa
Pansa pansa

Writer(s): Kuti Fela Anikulapo

Contributed by Ethan F. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

A Face in the Crowd

I can't think of a more worthwhile way to spend a lifetime than playing rhythm guitar in this band!

Milz Magnetic

Ol Boy Was Gettin Loose! Wasn’t He?! 😂😂😂

Earl Darnell


Dave McClelland

RIP Tony Allen... creator of the master beats behind all the 70s Fela music.


Baba Fela is a mad instrumentalist... Starting 2022 with this is never a bad idea


Fantastic stage presence.
One of my life's greatest achievements was simply to have been fortunate enough have seen Fela play live on numerous occasions. Each one was special. He has no equal!


Pure talent. Africa to the world 🌍

Enrique Ernesto

Never heard of this man before....I'm flabbergasted

Mari A21

Africa’s finest.


Felt the same when I learnt about him last year. Now you should see my playlist 😂🤣😂... I am from downloading M.O.P [Movement of the People] live in Amsterdam. Get it you'll get the best 37 mins you've ever experienced in your life. Orgasmic

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