Fela Kuti Lyrics

People all dey fear too much
We fear for the things we no see
We fear for the air around us
We all have reason to fear
Fela! You have come all this way
To ask for my blessing
But I refuse to give you permission
To use what happened to me
As your excuse to run away
Are you ready to listen now?

Oba l′ogun, oba l'ogun, oba l′ogun (oba l'ogun)
The fiercest warrior to ever live (oba l'ogun)
Fought the alupopogbon, gbogbon
Demons who kill with their cries
Ooh, their cries, their terrible cries
Monsters that kill with their terrible cries

In their fury, the alupopogbon, gbogbon
Alupopogbon, gbogbon, alupopogbon, gbogbon
Sucked their men and charged
But oba l′ogun no run
He stuffed his ears with dirt
And luring the demons into his arms, he burst into flames
Cleansing the Earth
Yemaya, Yemaya, Yemaya
When the mother of the gods, Yemaya
Saw her son burst to flame
She cried, tears of loss, tears of pride
Ooh, ooh, oh she cried (Yemaya)
Her tears turned to rain

Ooh the rain, ooh the rain
The rain, the rain, flooded the Earth
So Fela, Fela
Let the Heavens weep
Soon the Earth will laugh
May laughter give birth to birds
The bird bloom into flower
The flower grow to tree
Oh-oh-oh, mighty tree, ready for the next storm
Let the battles rage
Let the demons cry
Let the mothers weep, let the bullets fly

Even if you must die
Go back to where you belong
Let the battles rage
Let the demons cry
Let the mothers burn
Let the water rise
Even if you must die
Stand firm, never run

Let the battles rage
Let the demons cry
Let the Heavens weep
Let tomorrow come
Let the rain fall
Let the rain fall

Writer(s): Lennon John Winston, Mccartney Paul James

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Comments from YouTube:


This is one of the all time great performances captured on film. RIP Tony Allen.


I've known this video for over a decade and watch it every now and then. As much as there is going on on that stage, the musicians and dancers, the pure beauty and enjoyment of it all...you just can't take your eyes off fela. He possesses a presence and mystique that can't be ignored.

Philosophy INC

Same I watch it every now and then and am blown away every time.

Jason Anders



Have to reiterate - totally brilliant performance - a piece of history captured. Love it.


So difficult to believe now that the sheer physicality of Fela girls' dance routines originated with Hubert Ogunde! In 1970, Ogunde launched a whole team of female callisthenic dancers who travelled Nigeria with him on tours; that was what Fela was copying when he introduced stage dancers on his shows! Apart from Ogunde, the magician Moses Aladokun also had such acrobatic dancers, and they were a sight to behold. When the girls lean back till their backs touch the ground, that's vintage Ogunde!

john hickman

This is fascinating - the tenor sax player is at the top of his game...

toby Nwaafor

Fela has been dabbing before it became a thing😆👑🇳🇬


After I first watched this video years ago I asked my self was he "dabbing"? The timing and look is very similar to what today is known as dabbing. It could be a coincidence. Years later as I watch the video again, I notice he does the move several times in a slightly different way with the same timing to the beat/bass.

tope olanrewaju


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