Sense Wiseness
Fela Kuti Lyrics

You be student
You say you go for grammar school
You be student
You say you go university

You get MA
Lsd and Phd
You get Bs,, Ssfs
Sfe and Bss
You become professor
U start to wake waka about
U go for London u go for paris
U go for New York u go for armborg
U visit Russia u visit japan
India and lebanon
U Come for Lagos u start to miss ur

One boy for mushin e come buzzle u
For ajegunle o a man quench u
U go for shomolu ur money die
For Jankara u no get mouth
U get sense and Comon sense but

I saaaayyyyy u get sense and Comon sense
But u no wise at alllll
U no get sense my friend...

Writer(s): Kuti Fela Anikulapo

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Comments from YouTube:

Gilbert Muyumbu

The man was a genius. Almost each song is a revealing journey.

m s

Gilbert Muyumbu and his albums all have amazing artwork that is just as good as the music itself.

chinonso obinna

Learn from him, you will be a blessing to your society at large.
Abiku, Abami Eda, Chief Priest, Black President, Eleniyan, Anikulapo ✊🏿✊🏿.

Vaughan Westney

The beat in this song is amazing. And layered

hyppe Nkosi

oh man,a rare gem

Kolawole Babatunde

O my God baba with different track I swear I never hear this one fela you are legend for ever, Akure isolo boy

ebonyi francis

His memories live forever

Protest Songs

Great critical song about people who get themselves an education to get higher up, aiming for a position in society, but at the same time lose the independency and sense wiseness necessary to be of meaning for their society. Fela Kuti definitely was an independent thinker and artist. He had his faults too and you can also listen to the song as a justification of his own choices in life. Building on and at the same time rebelling against his own upbringing, going to London to study medicine like his brothers but switching to music study instead, getting inspired by Black Power activist Sandra Smith (now Sandra Izsadore) in Los Angeles during a tour in the US in 1969 and returning to Africa where he became the important king of the Afrobeat and agitator against injustice and the political establishment as we know him.

Sparkie Martin

He was ahead of his time and foresaw what he put into music and words that will have no expiration date medicine of mind
Educate your mind and the rest will follow

Protest Songs

@Maxime Demers Definitely! It's also very interesting how important cross-boundery contacts are to encourage battles against injustice.

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