Fela Kuti Lyrics

I explain,
Two heavy brothers dem sit down inside sun, dem the sweat,
Dem the share one bottle of beer between dem self.
Den one fine lady cum meet dem say brother abge buy me one bottle of
Beer na, dem go look dem self, look the woman,
Look dem pocket look dem suffer for Africa, dem go say stalemate.
I explain,
Two women bring argument 2 u, wer start from dem gossip,
Dem want make u give dem answer into dem gossip argument,
Or make u settle the matter wer u no knw the beginning or the end.
I explain,
Two hustlers come meet you dem wan hustle you,
And you self don see all the beginning and end of
The hustle they wan fall you. You go say hmmm stalemate.
...Instrumental ...

Writer(s): Fela Anikulapo Kuti

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Comments from YouTube:

Themba Ngwenya

The horns ....ever powerful. ...mesmerizing

Victor's Fitness Channel

Themba Ngwenya
You and felas horns ehn😂

Elred Edwards

music that never age way ahead thanks u fela kuti

Open minded observer

Baba 70 RIP, I saw him perform live, he is by no means the 8th wonder of the world!

RaeRae Jeru

Another masterpiece by the Legend!

Yamin Haniyah

I was reading the synopsis about this song and why it was made. Fela "Baba" Kuti was truly an amazing talented revolutionary strong musician. He use to endure a lot. His music is a legacy that you can not stay away from. Truly an intelligent man. Black President, RIP. Glad I found out about him in my lifetime.

mia Baby


Yorùbá Lessons with Adérónké̩

Black Presido! I love you so much, Fela. Yeah, yeah!

Cimon nalbantidis

love those vids you get to actually know fela kuti and appreciate him not only as a musician but also as a human

Ben Gockel

Absolutely amazing on all levels.

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