Fela Kuti Lyrics

I explain,
Two heavy brothers dem sit down inside sun, dem the sweat,
Dem the share one bottle of beer between dem self.
Den one fine lady cum meet dem say brother abge buy me one bottle of
Beer na, dem go look dem self, look the woman,
Look dem pocket look dem suffer for Africa, dem go say stalemate.
I explain,
Two women bring argument 2 u, wer start from dem gossip,
Dem want make u give dem answer into dem gossip argument,
Or make u settle the matter wer u no knw the beginning or the end.
I explain,
Two hustlers come meet you dem wan hustle you,
And you self don see all the beginning and end of
The hustle they wan fall you. You go say hmmm stalemate.
...Instrumental ...

Writer(s): Fela Anikulapo Kuti

Contributed by Joshua F. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Yamin Haniyah

I was reading the synopsis about this song and why it was made. Fela "Baba" Kuti was truly an amazing talented revolutionary strong musician. He use to endure a lot. His music is a legacy that you can not stay away from. Truly an intelligent man. Black President, RIP. Glad I found out about him in my lifetime.

mia Baby


Abiodun Osemobor

IMO, no one has surpassed "Abami Eda" ( roughly translated as the mysterious one) in the ability to blend and arrange horns, drums and keyboard. Fela was and remains a mystery

RaeRae Jeru

No one has surpassed his musicmanship period. Not even James Brown, Michael Jackson, Prince, Bob Marley...No one!!!

Eric Talkington

I'm definitely subscribing to this channel. I love Fela, been jammin his tracks for almost 10 years now. I love that no one I've ever met has ever even heard of him and yet I've turned several people onto him and they love him too. I love that thanks to the algorithm YouTube has been suggesting a bunch of great tracks from him I somehow have never even heard of let alone heard. I have known quite a bit of Fela for a long time and to find so many albums and tracks that I have never heard of is wonderful and to top it off you have a TON of facts about him and things he was going through and about his music. This has to be one of the best channels on YouTube period. I don't know how many people are subscribed to it, but regardless of the number it's still far too low. Many many more people need to hear Fela, especially people who are mostly only into new music so they can see what an actual artist was really like and give them something to compare this world of plastic music and so called "artists" of today. Nothing today could stack up against this. He's not the only one, BB King and James Brown (especially since James and American funk was a huge influence on Fela) Curtis Mayfield and Jimmy McGriff and Parliament/Funkadelic and many others. I'm only 38, I was born in 1981 Chicagoland USA and many my age, younger and even some older but mostly my age and younger, I "should" be into a bunch of bullshit music like them, but I have taken advantage of the fact that I live near one of the blues capitals of the world and also the home of house music and have dug deep into older music. If I never heard another song that came out after 1996 I'd be perfectly happy. If I NEVER heard a song that came out after 2000 again, it would be too soon. There are MAYBE 10 post-2000 songs that I like and that's about it. Thanks MTV for not only ruining music, but television also as they had the first "reality" show that they even called the real world which it was anything but the real world lol. Ironic, just like their first music video played was Video Killed the Radio Star. Like they didn't know what they were doing. Literally MTV singlehandedly brought down the music world AND the television world. Fuckers.

Olusegun Samuel

Man...that's a book you have there

Eric Talkington

Haha I was already subscribed.

Ben Gockel

Absolutely amazing on all levels.

Moe Rome

Been listening to Fela over 30 years. People used to come around bewildered when I played Baba Kuti. Must be the infectious beat and riddim.

RaeRae Jeru

Another masterpiece by the Legend!

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