Felix Riebl feat. Emily Lubitz, Snowflakes: We need your help!

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by Felix Riebl feat. Emily Lubitz

I'm a first on avalanche.
I'm a blast, but first I explode.
I'm alone here at the dance.
I'm in love with a kiss of a ghost.
Many years I tried to wait.
Many years my memories old,
But I know the difference.
I'm a snowflake turning to snow.
Lend me keys I run away,
Lend me keys I run away ohh.
Baby I don't wanna stay,
I'm going down to the rhythm below.
At night into the free
Where they're all slinging arrows
And the words and what we say
It's just snowflakes turning to snow.
And my love begins to shake,
Like a reel at the end of the roll
And my love begins to shake,
I'm on fire with the singing shadows.
There's a light so secretive
Its like a whisper when it glows
And in all i'm difference
I'm just snowflakes turning to snow.
While my city sleeps,
While my city dreams,
While my city waits.
Light in center race,
Light in center race,
Like no life escapes.
She smiles likes it's ok,
I'll go where ever you go.
To the mines of Kublai,
Or high over Kyoto,
On the Lylo wide awake.
So tell me everything that you know.
There's a word so intimate.
It's like snowflakes turning to snow...

Writer(s): Felix Riebl

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