My Last Words
Fiend Lyrics

There are a lot of ways
To hear my final step...
To see the bloody trace,
Or rope around pale neck
And now I hear the voices,
Which're still trying to find
My last hope, which was buried
In your crying green eyes!

I watched that stream of dreams,
It'll never flow into the Sea...
...The Sea of Real realms...
Where I once was so free...
My empty eyes trims Dawn
Filled of new-born rays of Light
This final dance on bound
Will be the of its sight.

This is my addiction.
This is my compassion
This is my rejection
This is my chaos
This is my addiction.
This is my compassion
This is my rejection
Like the cry of Eos...

These are my last words to say
But only Wind can hear my pray
The song was sang, Romance's fey
And even Gods will not find the key…

Contributed by Nora H. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


You have GOT to love this band :) they're better than most bands that are hugly popular these days.... these guys deserve soooo much more credit :)

TheLord Fenris

I've been listening to Death Metal for 26 years and Never heard these guys. Where the hell have they been all my life??? they're amazing.

Devon Voyles Johnson

I will always love this song and Dream.

Andres M

I have no freaking idea how the hell I found these guys, but my god are they amazing!!!!

Dylan Cook

wow never heard of these guys before they sound awesome o.O


This band kick ass! \m/

Combine Engineer

Awesome track.

phardz Etnara

wow, i like this band.. its my first time to hear it...


love this <3


This one I didn't Know until yet. Great work dudes!

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