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Broken Places
Fiesta Brava Lyrics

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Plumb I trust You to heal I trust You to save…
The Roches Did you know me, long ago? Were we close before the…

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Probably goes without saying but ALWAYS replace the pilot bearing when replacing a clutch, and its never a bad idea to replace the rear main seal since you are in that far.

Remigio Piras



In the process of replacing the clutch in my 85 S10. Bought oil pan gasket and rear main seal. Its been fun pulling the tranny out.

Eliseo Cortes

@Niall Mackenzie maybe have tune in high torque...with no good quality clutch or oem

Super Duty 455

@nope yeah I'm not dropping the pan.


unless its a 2 piece seal....

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Moose Mobile Auto Repair

This is one of the best videos I have ever seen for clutch replacement/installation. Very detailed and concise. Thanks for the tips Charles. Keep up the great awesome work!

Bailey Phillips

I feel like a little extra tip should be to grease the pivot on the clutch fork. Many times have I seen/ heard a squeaky clutch simply due to the fact that there is no lube where the pivot is.

Aaron G.

flavrdPnut VW calls for a molybdenum grease which is usually included in the OE clutch kits.


Any grease you suggest ?

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