Feel Your Love
Fin.K.L Lyrics

This some shit you can smoke to
Some shit you can drink to
Whatever yo vice is, we a bout to induce
My nigga on that codeine
He mix it wit the pills to
My bitch she be dabbing wax
Sometimes do a lil toot
I tell her that's a bit much her reply hey nigga just do you
Her friend just OD'd to cope with the pain she prefer to use
She snort a lil cocaine
Bitch think she gone bring back the quaaludes
Trying to see the good in the woman all the drugs do is make the hoe hateful
Why the fuck I date you
Ain't no motherfucking addict gone be faithful
Got a habit you can't even see your way through
I'm just praying you delivered by jesus
Cant do an intervention
With a bih with no intention other than to put a line in her facials
I be lying if I said
I aint think about the call that you dead hope your fate dont await you

One drink too much
Few pills I'm gone
Moon light was full
I'm out till dawn

One pill too much
Few drinks I'm gone
Moon light was full
I'm out till dawn

Last for a moment
Gone in the morning
Same old words sheen even know it
Just a few cubes now she really wanna pour it
Jones with the love thinking she a poet
She ramble all the time she don't need no chorus just a Adlib
I guess she really reach her highs nigga dat piff
Old man introduced her to the ski slopes
Latter on introduced her to a fat lip
Just a tad bit
Is it that cold
With a few dried tears and a cab gone
Green scent died down with the air on
What she carried stayed with her when she got home
Just another blank stare with a dire tone
Wanna climb him like Everest get your climb on
Ask for the fee take clothes off

One drink too much
Few pills I'm gone
Moon light was full
I'm out till dawn

One pill too much
Few drinks I'm gone
Moon light was full
I'm out till dawn

Muthaphucka lit right
Making sure her shit tight
Flexing wit her girl friend
Duck lips for ah selfie trying to get likes
Like let me tell you what these shit like
Around here freaks coming out bout midnight
Off hook till you hook that's ah fish bite
If he plane don't board like ah miss flight
Dats right Miss Right that's right bih bad thumbs up hitchhike
So death I kinda miss life
Coming left field make en get right
Hot Still ain't knowing what the temp like
Throwing shade trying to dim light
Shades on in the dim light
Amaze zone what I feel like
Fuck ah grill you can get yo princess cut in real life
Blue money nubucks what the tims like
Blew money knew but and I still might
New honey new butt what it feel like
I knew honey true slut from the ville right
Immune to liquor but Neva know what the pill might
Whatever niggas just trying to make sure she feel nice
She hit some grams and now the motions is real nice
Her Instagram don't really match wit her real life

Lyrics © DistroKid
Written by: Jonel Dates, Joshua Bailey, Kelvin Ricks

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DSP는 노래를 진짜 잘 뽑았다고 생각함.
예쁜 외모와 끼를 가진 멤버를 선정하는 것부터 노래, 의상, 예능 출연 등 많은 부분에서 지원을 아끼지 않았음. 활동 하면서 실력이 성장하는 부분도 아이돌로서 미덕이었고 시대를 잘 읽었음. 물론 이호연 회장님 계실 때 이야기임.


카라만 봐도... 이호연 사장님 있을때랑 사모님 있을때랑 많이 달랐죠..


회장님쓰러지고 데습은 망조의길로가죠ㅠㅠㅠ애증의데습이네여


이호연 참 대단하지.. 옥주현 가창력 하나 밑천삼아 훈련도 안된 예쁜애들 모아다 이만큼 만들어놓다니ㅎ 선곡도 진짜 잘했음. 수록곡들이 진짜 다 좋았었다

mae Ju

@ᄋ못된것 본인이 자꾸 자기를 낮춰 얘기해서 그렇지, 완전히 훈련 안됐다고 보긴 어렵죠-^^
저는 동시대 서브보컬중에 이효리가 음색도 제 제일 취향이었고 실력에서도 최고였다고 생각해요.


이효리는 윤미래랑 듀엣 준비하다 캐스팅 되서 간건데 훈련안됐다는건 말이 안됨




그분이 감이 정말 대단한분이셨어요.



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now도 그렇고 필유얼 러브도 그렇고 횰언니 맞춤곡이네 ㅋㅋ횰언니 매력이 돋보인다 그와중에 계속 뒤에서 춤출때마다 웃고있는 횰언니 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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