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Fin.K.L Lyrics

아나요 내 마음을
그대를 그려왔던 걸
꼭 한 번쯤은 그대 눈 속에
내 모습 담겨있길

바랬죠 나 언제나
너무도 원해 왔었죠
긴 시간 속에 바래져 가는
지난날 사진처럼
나는 없었죠

그댈 채워줄 순 없었나요
부족한 나의 사랑 모아
모두 드려요
나를 느낄 순 없었나요

한없이 원하고 바래왔었죠
그대만을 위한 나이기를
그리고 나만의 그대이기를

매일 밤 꿈속에서
그대는 내게 말했죠
내 전부가 되어 달라고
너를 기다린다고

그댈 채워줄 순 없었나요
부족한 나의 사랑 모아
모두 드려요
나를 느낄 순 없었나요

한없이 원하고 바래왔었죠
그대만을 위한 나이기를
그리고 나만의 그대이기를

내 삶에 가장 소중한 순간이길

모두 나만의 착각였나요
그대 맘속에
처음부터 나의 자리는
어디에도 없었던가요

한없이 원하고 바래왔었죠
그대만을 위한 나이기를
그리고 나만의 그대이기를

영원히 나만의 그대이길

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: Kyu Man Cho, Hyori Lee

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Savior Of Noobs

This is a great song. But you can see how far KPOP has come, in terms of choreography and production value. The music and singing was still on point, though. And the girls are beautiful.


No, no, no.

Sorry, you have to see the true Queens of this era - S.E.S. Check out "I'm Your Girl" -- basically fully formed and refined KPOP awesomeness.

S.E.S. was actually before Fin K.L.


@h n and dancing instead of what matters the most : singing

h n

@Neha Rai either way I regret saying that, vocals in kpop have stayed the same. I for one love IVE's and NCT's vocals.

Neha Rai

@h n Lol I remember how hyori said when asked how you practiced for performance .. she said how they don't sing live but lip sync .. 🙏

h n

@Alive 2 eat stayc is a very good example of this concept with a modern touch and I can name other ggs as well. just how popular is stayc compared to other girl groups who do different concepts? exactly without stayc's girlcrush episode they wouldn't be anywhere near as big. this concept isn't anything people wanna see so let it stay in 1998.

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jin left 👂

Love the lighting (it's very early 00s vibe), the music (a little bit of western and jpop vibe) and their style too. Not to mention they all look fresh and natural wow. They are all pretty.

Jordyn Simmons

this is 90s


looks like it was recorded with m.s paint and edited in windows movie maker, top notch.

Bushra Thabassum Shaik BTS


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