Fin.K.L (핑클) Lyrics

Hit It
You ever just have thoughts
Like thoughts in your head
When you wish you was dead
Think of the shit that these people done said
Flows through your mind, what's the concept of time
Everytime that I cry heard the demons instead
Demons leaning, creeping, pushing me down to the deep end
Hold me down, what is love, what's the meaning
I don't know and you won't either so just leave it
Life flashes in my eyes like a sequence
Or a movie
Lately my mind making me choose
Between wether to live or die it's confusing
Putting my pain and my heart into this music
Only reason why my ass ain't lose it yet
I've been scheming but I'm not getting even
It's darkness inside me, that shit don't mean I'm a demon
I'm no angel either so I'm just in between then
I don't need a halo, no horns or no wings
My g you must tripping
I pull up on the scene, I got good intentions
Forgetting you dudes like I got dementia
Erase all my pain with a pad and a pencil
I know I'm fucked up and at times I can be stuck man, this shit really sucks man
Swear it's all mental
Healing myself to me is detrimental
Fucking me over Ye nobody meant to
Thats what they all say "I never meant to hurt you"
But anyways I just want some better days
I just wanna see some light cause this room be full of haze
Wanna go away but every single turn I take feels like a maze
Hoping it'll be a over soon but it's just gonna repeat every day
This shit just repeats everyday
I think I might go insane
Feels like my emotions are stuck inside a cage
One day I'll be telling all these stories up on stage
One day imma be a legend, never gon loose faith
Never gon' loose faith
Before she suck my dick, I tell her use a toothpaste
Me and Kush be smoking kush up in the booth aye
She ask me if I'm winning, bitch I never loose aye
She ain't my missus, thats some pussy I just used aye
I'm sipping liquor out the bottle like its cool-aid
These Bitches. heh
They a headache
I can't figure out where my heads at
And I got shawdows in my head
Keeping me in place
Keeping me from going insane
People tellin me too change
Ye I got shadows in my head
Devil rotting my brain
Angels tryna keep me safe
I guess I'm never gon change nah

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Written by: Kushal Anand, Levi Lacey

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