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Move On Take time Take mine Take away all of my light so you…
The Ghost Inside Come fucking I′ve said the ghost inside Come fucking I've sa…

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Joseph Carmi

I love how Zee’s shirt goes through stages
1) sick grey t shirt
2) light drizzle? Maybe a little sweat?
3) ahh we’re rolling around on the ground
4) Zee’s getting sweaty
5) did Zee change shirts to a dark grey

Strength & Honor

And thankyou for another awesome video TR team

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I am currently absorbing this information and wisdom and transforming it into my photography stances



Into The Void

this is actually very smart for some tricky angles with no tripod or flat surface. i would know personally.

xmachine 700

While you are walking on the catwalk? On the catwalk...

Into The Void

@Barrack Hussein ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) alright buddy. have fun with that.

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Jake Allen

This sort of thing is exactly why this is the best channel out there. In a world filled with videos of a dude pinging the same two 7-yard steel targets on repeat, the TR crew is kicking out real-world shooting advice in a way I can practice in my living room.

Keep it up guys!

Bradley Ryan

@TJATAW GarandThumb doesn't give shooting advice. He reviews guns and gear and avoids training cuz he doesn't know that shit.


@Bradley Ryan You wanna watch Flannel Daddy, that's up to you. He's not for me.

Bradley Ryan

@TJATAW yeah, but your association of GT with a channel for shooting advice is not correct; it's something he flat out doesn't do. He tells you to get training from other people.


@Bradley Ryan OK, that's fair. Well stated, wasn't trying to pick a fight, just don't dig that dudes vids. Peace.

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