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Move On Take time Take mine Take away all of my light so you…
The Ghost Inside Come fucking I′ve said the ghost inside Come fucking I've sa…

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@soeinhenk Sadly, the only time our Emergency Services get any recognition like the above is during and shortly after a massive natural disaster.

This concert was held to raise funds to help rebuild what was lost in the horrendous Bushfires we had in 2019-2020.

At the time of this concert, most of New South Wales was gone with huge chunks of every other state and both territories also gone, lost to the ravages of fire.

In the reaches of the major cities, our firefighters are paid staff but outside of those areas, it’s all volunteers who give up their time and risk their lives to save other lives and property. They leave their paid jobs 98% of the time to go and fight against bushfires such as those that destroyed 60% of Australia during that time.

I’m Australian by birth - lived here ALL my life and I have NEVER seen New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia all on fire at the exact same time before. 🥺

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Unbelievable that John Farnham can still sing like that, the guy is 70 years old!

Alexander Valle

trumsolon he hit them notes like nothing!!

Karin Murati

Brian May is 72!

Theresa Randall


Gail Spooner

Wow, didn't realise John Farnham was 70 years old, makes me feel old now, lol.

Ben Ben

At 58 Bon Jovi couldn't sing living on a prayer chorus n here's the legend screaming at 72 ...like a wine... Respect

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Veronicw Brennan

He is The Voice. Great live shows and a good bloke.


John, you got this fight mate! Cancer ain't got nothing on you. Be strong. Stay strong Farnesy. 🇦🇺 loves you!!

clar msol

This song is so powerful, and the entire country of Australia knows it which makes it that more special. Plus with the indigenous lyrics too, wow. I'm a proud Aussie 🇦🇺

Magilla Gorilla

You've no idea about ATSI people. This mob ain't my mob. Never was never will be. Love the song and effort but ain't my mob.

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