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In the flight
In the flight

調子が良ければいいね そんな気配を感じたなら
ドアの外で思ったんだ あと10年たったら

空に寄りかかって 2人の全てを頼って

In the flight
In the flight

In the flight
In the flight

Overall Meaning

The Fishmans song "In the Flight" is a beautiful and reflective piece that touches on the themes of ambition, the passing of time, and the wish to escape reality. The song starts with the singer climbing up four flights of stairs, looking forward to opening a door and breathing in the sleepy air. There is a sense of anticipation and excitement, as if something good might happen if the singer's mood is good enough. He even imagines that 10 years from now, he will be able to accomplish anything he sets his mind to, but quickly dismisses it as a lie.

The song then transitions into a chorus that talks about flying, perhaps as a metaphor for the desire to escape everyday reality. The singer feels like he can soar through the sky, relying on his partner entirely, and asks for good luck no matter where they go. However, the repeat of "In the flight" gives the lyrics an ambiguous tone, almost like it's an eternal loop of yearning to fly away without actually fulfilling that wish.

One of the interesting things about "In the Flight" is that it's a song from Japanese band Fishmans, who are known for their blend of dub, reggae, and psychedelic rock. The track is a bit of a departure from their usual sound, which can be heard in their more upbeat and rhythm-driven songs. Another fascinating fact is that the song was recorded for their 1998 album "Orange," which ended up being their last album before the death of their lead singer Shinji Sato. In retrospect, "In the Flight" can be seen as a poignant moment of reflection and a goodbye to a beloved band member.

Line by Line Meaning

In the flight
Embarking on a journey or adventure

In the flight
Continuing the journey or adventure

If I climb the four stairs and peek inside after opening the door
If I make an effort and take a chance to explore

I like the atmosphere that seems so sleepy
There's a certain charm that comes with quiet and calm spaces

If things go well, it would be nice
Hoping for success and positivity

If I sense such a feeling
Being aware of opportunities and good vibes

I can cheerfully be an intruder
Being open to possibility and taking chances, not afraid to intrude

I thought outside the door that, after another 10 years
Thinking about personal growth and progress in the future

I feel like I could do anything
Feeling empowered and confident

But still, that's a lie
Acknowledging that overconfidence can be deceiving

I'm still incapable of doing anything
Feeling almost hopeless and unable to progress

Leaning on the sky, relying on everything we have
Having faith and trust in oneself or others

Going to fly anywhere
Exploring new possibilities or adventures

Always, please take care of us
Asking for support or help throughout the journey

In the flight
Continuing the journey or adventure

In the flight
Embarking on a journey or adventure

In the flight
Continuing the journey or adventure

In the flight
Embarking on a journey or adventure

Writer(s): 佐藤 伸治, 佐藤 伸治

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