Love Song
Five for Fighting Lyrics

Put away your tears and your sleepy eyes
Put away that bullshit, big boys they don't cry to their mommas
she'll be back soon
Put away your raincoat and make your bed
Take another bullet right to your head
Now, we're going on a picnic and we'll get there soon

And she says, maybe it's over
He says, there's plenty more fish in the sea
I say, don't go away from me

Now put away your dinner and have a snack
Tie your little brother up in a sack now
We're moving to the country and we'll get there soon (she says)

Now, pack up all the things that you don't deserve
Take another swing, well here comes a curve ball
I bet you can't hit it 'cause you'll swing to soon

And she says, maybe it's over
He says, there's plenty more fish in the sea
I say, don't go away, don't go away
Please don't go away, from me
But can you take it to hard
I'll never leave you

Take those damn pictures off of that shelf
Put away your mommy you don't need her
I found you a new one, she'll be here soon

And she says, my God it's over,
He says, I found another fish in the sea
I say, why me?
Why me?
Why me?
Why is it me?

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Comments from YouTube:


Anyone else think this is a song about divorce?


its's a childs point of view of his parents divorce

Dave Thompson

very accurate


Funky yet affectionate. jazzy yet smooth. Five For Fighting

Sandra Markowitz

A beautifully tragic song. I love it and it makes me so sad I don't want to listen ... but I can't stop.


Actually, it is Five For Fighting because in hockey, you get a five minute penalty for fighting, and he is a big hockey fan and player.


I've never heard this song before. Beautiful, but sad.


I tried to figure out the name of this song and i didn't realize it was called love song...ya know its really ironic, the song title and lyrics i mean...

Mary Sanders

@andgiemonkey If you want to be technical about it, "luv" is the Old English spelling of "love".


LOL this song was in my sis's CD compilation from her ex. He did not mention the name and band. After several years... I googled "lyric why me plenty fish" and finally got it here.

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