Flash and the Pan Lyrics

Up above the sunny skies in south California
There's a wounded rocket flying high, heading homeward
It came from a hollow, under a hill
And soon there'll be nobody left to kill
In California

Last night captain Black went dancing at the Whiskey A-Go-Go
When a well-known groupie knocked him back, busted his ego
Stoned out of his head, he crawled off to bed
The following morning he went to the pad
The missile was standing pointing to the skies of California

The red balloon was flying high, watching the weather
Captain Black was trying hard to get it together
Immediate names came into his brain
A rocket from China, a Russian plane
He pushed the wrong button and soon there'll be no place called

Contributed by Ian J. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Dylan Gillis

still sounds good after 30 years

Jadwiga Halota

One of the 'catastrophic collection' of the 80's and one of my favs ever since then

Mr. Domesticated

This took me back to high school days, awsome!!!! Thanks


Ahead of their time? Just as they were as the Easybeats!


Awesome ... great song

Amelia McSloy

my dad is lying on his bed listening to this, an hey st. peter, and the african shuffle . hes dying of laughter and singing.


Been waiting for someone to post this -- great work!

Brenton Watts

I have the vinyl album somewhere. If I can find a way to rip "The Man Who Knew The Answer"...


Hands up, who would really miss Califonia?


Mss "The man who knew the answer" from the same LP..

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