Hey Jimmy
Flash and the Pan Lyrics

I know you're leaving
And I can't stop you know
Oh no not me
Oh no not me
I know your sorrow
But I can't help you know
And I can't tell you how
'Cos that would be
Too much for me
Pack your bags
Turn the key

Jimmy, you try to walk all over me

I know your reasons
You found a glory mill
Oh no not me
Oh no not me
I know you'll make it
You swallow every pill
And tough it out until
It's there to be
But not with me

Jimmy, you try to walk all over me
Hey Jimmy
Jimmy, you try to walk all over me

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Xyrz Mxyzptlk

Nice work. Flash & the Pan is a group that never got old for me. Still love em’ to this day. 🎸 📸 🥘 🥄

Jadwiga Halota

Great as all the songs by Flash and the Pan, thanks for uploading:)

Bogdan Gałwa

prawdziwy łamacz serc z tamtych wspaniałych lat 80 tych . Miło wrócić do tak wspaniałej muzyki po 33 latach :)

Adam Piwinski

Podobnie jak ja.Do dzisiaj slucham tej i innych ich plyt.


Harry Vanda's guitar solo in this is just one of the most heartbreaking things ever.

James Auger

I first recorded Flash in 78 while living in Anaheim! Ahead of its Time.

Jerzy Dziedzic

To pierwszy kawałek tej formacji , który usłyszałem w 78 r. Po nim pokochałem ten zespół ,, bolesny,, jest powrót do wspomnień tych wspaniałych czasów po 44 latach , pozdrawiam rocznik 64 🙋🇵🇱


fantastic compilation, great work


Flash & The Pan es una de esas bandas que,además de ser 'De Culto', No tiene siquiera un disco malo. Aplausos desde Argentina!


@Claudio Rodriguez Tal cual!Flash And The Pan cultivó un estilo realmente único... Como muchos,la conocí con AYLA (en los '90) y desde entonces no paré de buscar,escuchar y deleitarme con sus discos. Es sin dudas una de mis bandas de culto.

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