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I saw the video at 3am completely stoned and it might of been the most amazing moment of my life.....


Mr.Bones i seen at 2 am on mtv clubland it was beautiful


Bro same. I was stoned af and watching clubland and this shit came on. For a moment I knew what it was like to feel complete. lol


That's sad. I mean the beat is awesome but that couldn't be the best scenario to be the best moment in life...


And here we are.... 6 years later


@It's RamZehy yup I was in high school when I commented this lmao full grown adult now

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I've always wanted to see a "Sanjay & Craig" music vid. Awesome


Regular Show Multiplied by Adventure Time equals this video


Actually, the animation looks a lot more like the cartoon Sanjay and Craig.


pichopacho4 nope, not at al.
the only similarity is the noodly arms. And maybe the characters are kinda like Regular show but that's it.

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