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sean odonnell

I cant describe the feeling this song gives me, Its such a unique melancholy and nostalgic one.. I don't know, all I know is I love it

rotting in my room♡︎


Mariam Chacón

I feel same

Ariadna Molina Alamillo

Sameeeee HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i love it

Alex V

Same here 20 million years later..


Gives me this really relaxed feeling, like a high religious but not high lol

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this song reminds me of being drunk, wondering the streets and getting lost at night

King Luka Gaming

Hey brother it’s been 5 years and I still hope your safe , please be careful my bro in law would do the same thing and on his last walk he got stabbed to death and robbed ,


yeah that also :)

Khemet Bey

+Sharpels game for me not drunk but feeling nice of the herbal remedy;))

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