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Foreigner Lyrics

I stole a ride on a passing star
Not knowing where I was going
How near or how far
Through years of light, lands of future and past
Until the heavenly gates
Were sighted at last

Starrider, rider, rider
Take me to the stars
Starrider, rider, rider
Show me where you are

Northern lights flashed by
And then they were gone
And as old stars would die
So the new ones were born

And ever on I sailed
Celestial ways
And in the light of my years
Shone the rest of my days

Speed increasing
All control is in the hands of those who know
Will they help us grow
To one day be starriders

Starrider, rider, rider
Show me where you are
Starrider, rider, rider
Take me to the stars

Speed increasing
All control is in the hands of those who know
Will they help us grow
To one day be starriders

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Comments from YouTube:

Sydney O'Bier

Definitely one of their most underrated singles. This is a beautiful song!

Jed Mitchell

This song is one of their trashy songs that is so predictable... they have a couple songs that are so underrated it's insane, but this one is definitely not one of them.

William Davis

Sydney O'Bier def

Rock City Marco

Sydney O'Bier Hey Sydney I'm from the same town Rochester New York where Lou Gramm is from we belong to the same Italian American Club he is a awesome songwriter a great singer and a gentle soul I'm glad to call him my friend no kidding we are from Rochester New York lose first music effort was with a band called Black Sheep the rest is history

Tim Blackburn

@Alice Lam Any chance that was the Topsfield Fair in Topsfield Ma. that you mentioned.
Oldest Fair in the US.
Just curious ?
I know pretty much every fair, carnival or whatever had a Zipper back in the day. Them things were pretty damn hairy, Well the ones that just popped up overnight anyway..
I used to yell, Oh my God, there's a loose bolt on your carriage.
Nobody knew whose cart I was talking about but it was Funny as Hell.

Tim Blackburn

@Midnight Star Thanks..
I miss doing that. It was so Freaking Awesome. Hanging out down near Revere Beach. Lying on the beach just watching the sky. Then one of them Monster Jets takes off. I swear it felt like you could reach up and touch em. They would come in low too, just a few hundred feet up. I think ?
Kinda funny. My youngest of 3 kids is almost 25 but I used to take them when they were young and they loved it. I think they still go. Cool times, Cool Tunes, Decent Weed and at the Beach. Didn't get much better than that. Thx, T. B.

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Chase Esse'el

I never really paid too much attention to this song until dad told me it was a one he liked a lot a few years ago. I already thought it was quite pretty and the lyrics nice (not a compliment I dole out often in terms of lyrics), so nowadays it works to remind me of him every time I hear it and I appreciate it even more. 
I hope he's become a star rider now.

Jess S

Hope you’re a Starrider too Chase 😎

Milton Malone


Richard Villarreal

My buddy Lawrence p died and he had on his ring tone spirit in the sky he new he was going to die just didn't know when none of us know that but when he passed I pick this some for him I know he riding the stars I play this song and think how we grew up and all the crazy things we did

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