Of Sorrow Blue
Forest of Shadows Lyrics

Of sorrow blue and clad in mist
Dancing midst the meadows of my dreams
My precious one my fallen beauty
Fallen beneath a dismal cloud
I recall that dreary morning
I ran to the shores of her eyes
I was there watching the seas
And it was all silent upon the sea
A candle caravan
The final stream of angel gleam
There was no farewell of solace
Before the caravan was gone
Of sorrow blue and clad in tears
Her cordial hands reach for me
My peaceful dream her soothing warmth
Fallen beneath a dismal cloud
I bow to her beautiful name
The flowers need not to be watered
These tears wont let the soil dry
Where her name is carved in stone
You were my core you were my soul
Lips of roses mane of gold
Intoxicated we lay entwined
I wore the carnal crown of sorrow
Blue and clad in soil
My mind still echoes from her songs
Earth and time are calling my name
Let me fall beneath this dismal cloud

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Comments from YouTube:


I am sitting here now, truly depressed, newly dumped by my life love, and this music is the only thing that gives me comfort. I dont know if I would get depressed if I was happy while listening to it, but its definetly fitting perfectly into my darkness right now.

ana ruiz

why they call it depressive death metal? Its incredibly uplifting... and much more energetic that many other pop or rap music around. Forest of shadows.... the best.

Katerina Vourdoumpa



Yup they are amazing XD melodic too !


Ah man good shit

Oscar Cartes


Yorgos Tzil

niclas i love you,you are my inspiration when i have a bad time <3

ana ruiz

@metalwillneverdie987 yep.... I agree with your comments... however... my text was kinda rethoric... good day!


@metalwillneverdie987 and why it is not called melodic doom/death metal?


@chachu21 who cares haha i thought it was Funeral Doom Metal, still good eitherway

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