Tell Me You Love Me
Forgotten Rebels Lyrics

(Before You Hang Up The Phone)

Saw you workin at the record store
Thea I met you on the dancin' floor
You caught my eye when you gave me a glance
The kiss you blew started our romance

Don't ever break my heart
Cos' you promised from the start
Don't ever break my heart

I remember seeing you on the street
Your the girl that I wanted to meet
Glitter and sparkle ya yer so divine
Your my baby and I'm glad that you're mine

Tell me you love me
Before you hang up the phone
Whisper a kiss and I'll pretend that
your lips are softly touching me
Just like when we're alone
Tell me you love me
Before you hang up the phone
Say that you care and you'll always be there
And you'll never leave me alone.

Everytime that you look at me
I feel somethin' that I just can't see
I call you on the telephone
Come over please cos' there's no one else home

Can't you see how you make me feel
My one and only and my love Is real
You turn me on more than rock and roll
Gave you my heart and I'll give you my soul

My love ain't no cliche
Your the girl I want to stay
Yes my love ain't no cliche

Tell me you love me ....

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randy farmer

So underrated

jana lee

favourite band!

zax the reds

Funny buyin this album and thinkin out loud "wow where the fuk is tgis band from?" Lol sayz the store owner. 'Its Recorded right here at Star Records n their from the town just over the hill". Go Canada

Beverly Smith

Thank you for making your bend

Tom Cawston

seen them live 2014 awesome

Ligeirinho 3.0


Beverly Smith

I love y’all


Denton texas DIY!!! look it up!

brandon bedard

forgotten rebels is the best band in the world

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