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Doctor Afro Mal-Funkenstein

Doctor Funkenstein

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Foster the People's song "Orange Dream" are open to interpretation but seem to reflect the desire for escapism and the pursuit of happiness in a world that can often feel overwhelming and oppressive. The song starts with the lines "I've got a motive, but everything's in disguise / All that's left is the truth I despise," suggesting a sense of frustration and deceit. The mention of "Doctor Afro Mal-Funkenstein" could be a reference to a figure who represents a form of liberation from this reality, perhaps symbolizing a fantasy or dreamlike state where one can embrace their true desires.

The chorus, which repeats the line "Call it what you want, it doesn't change what it is," highlights the idea that labels or classifications do not alter the essence of something. This could be interpreted as a call to embrace individuality and authenticity. The lyrics also touch upon emotions of loneliness and confinement, with lines like "I'm a prisoner of my mind."

Overall, "Orange Dream" seems to explore the themes of escapism, the yearning for freedom, and the struggles of navigating truth and reality in a complex world.

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Written by: Isom Innis

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