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Better Days
by Four Kornerz

Not everybody's on easy street
My smile don't mean it's all good (it's all good?)
You want to know what it means to me
You better step in my neighbourhood

Everybody's on the grind
Trying to make ends meet
Papa's working overtime
Trying to stay on his feet

I know better days will soon come
Until then I'll keep pushing on!

Some people hide the pain they feel
It's the only way they know how
Stepping out with a happy face
When their world is crumbling down

Some people just might disagree
Saying "boy it ain't that bad"
But must life bring you to your knees
Before you're grateful for what you have?

Here's a revelation for your mind
We all got our cross to bear
Like when there's too much month at the end of your money
Wondering how it got spent
But I know I know I know
Better days will soon be here

I know better days will soon come
Until then I'll keep pushing on!

What I'm simply trying to say
We've got flaws, each and every one
With tears on a cloudy face,
It's hard for you to see the sun.
Remember there's a hope on high
And for this, oh we know is true
Better days will soon be here
Soon be here for me and you

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