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A Black Man's Breakfast
by Foxy Shazam

I think it was a Sunday morning
Clouds in the sky
Smiles on the faces
Of people walking by
There's no reason to be sad
No reason to complain
And if you saw the sunrise
Then you'd probably understand
A little more
I can't wait to be introduced
To the only one that matters
Say that you love me
Say that you're mine
Say that you'll be there
Until the end of time
There were cracks in the street
No more oceans between us
I saw eyes in your hair
It's a lazy summer day
I've got two plane tickets
Two plane tickets to Paris
I've got two plane tickets
Two plane tickets outta here
I will always wait for you
I'll divide the ocean in two
So you can have a path to me
I will always wait for you
And I'll devise a potion for you
So I can have my way with you
I will always wait

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