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Across the Golden Field
by Foxy Shazam

messages and heels
all across the golden fields
as the wheat whistles in the wind
we forget what world we're in
and all the zig zags in my head
I'm always on the one that ends
don't do what he or she just did
i wanna be just like me
the one and only

and this is what he said
run for your life, run for your life, run for your life,
run for your life, run for your life, run for your life,
run for your life, run for your life

restless for sleep, look who's dreaming now
strength is for weak, its so much deeper than that

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Comments from YouTube:

Matthew Larson

so glad Eric is finding commercial success, but I can't wait for his newly acclaimed fan base to come across the original stuff.

J. F.G

They should go back go this in my opinion.

Samuel Palmquist

I think the same thing. They'll definitely be like wtf


Especially songs like this beauty.


I still love this band, but I still wish they'd bring back some of the heavier stuff like this eventually

Next Planet

I remember at one point that had that shirt that said "Old Foxy was better" and I wish I would have got one

Travis Thomas

Matthew McManus damn. Really? I've never had that kind of experience with Eric. he was always really reserved, shy, and appreciative. But yeah. Alex is truly a genuinely nice, talented person.

Justin Rodriguez

+Matthew McManus haha that's hilarious

Callum Lightfoot

+Matthew McManus lol fuck you. thats a stupid thing to get mad about.

Bryce Castelberg

@Matthew McManus oh yeah big time Alex is life

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