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My Wife's Juice and Water Tower Wine
by Foxy Shazam

I'll use my dinner table manners
Cause its my wife's juice and water tower wine

Someone call the cops and tell them to come and stop me
Someone call the nurse because my tummy kinda hurts
Someone call the fire department cause my pussy cat's stuck in the tree and I'm afraid of heights...

I saw genuise in your teeth when you smiled at me
And I saw power in your thighes when you shifted them at me
I saw all things I needed to too be obsessed with you

mm mm mm I bet you taste good...yeah

I'm a dinosaur with a monkey mind
dreaming of water tower wine
and my wife's juice is getting cold
glass like ice of silver and gold

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Comments from YouTube:

Bhoke The Regicide

this song is sexy

Tara Holenme

'll use my dinner table maaaaaaaaanners.

Zeppelin Hippie

I wonder if this song has to do with anything sexual...

Bhoke The Regicide

no o_0 lol

stacy shannon

I bet you taste good.

Justin Rodriguez

this one strangely reminds me of glassjaw.

Joel Quinonez

I could see that