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Ballade No. 1 in G minor Op. 23
Frédéric Chopin Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Frédéric Chopin:

Hulanka Szynkareczko szafareczko Co ty robisz stój Tam się śmiejesz …
Moja Pieszczotka Moja pieszczotka gdy w wesołej chwili Pocznie szczebiotać i …
Narzeczony Wiatr zaszumiał między krzewy Nie w czas nie w czas koniu Ni…
Nie Ma Czego Trzeba Mgła mi do oczu zawiewa z łona W prawo i w…
Precz Z Moich Oczu Precz z moich oczu Posłucham od razu Precz z mego serca I se…
Sliczny Chlopiec Wzniosły smukły i młody O nielada urody Śliczny chłopiec cze…
Smutna Rzeka Rzeko z cudzoziemców strony Czemu nurt twój tak zmącony Czy …
Zyczenie Gdybym ja była słoneczkiem na niebie Nie świeciłabym jak tyl…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Niklas M

Hey Rousseau, I watched every of your classical pieces so many times cause it gives me chills.

I'm 19 years old and I played piano for 8 straight years till I stopped at the age of 13 because I just didnt have the motivation to do so and never really practised.

I did win contests playing as a duo with my best mate playing cello so it was basicly a hobby, but not really something I truly truly loved.
(Outside of the contest phase in my life I only practised like 15 minutes a day..)

Now, 5 years later YOU singlehandingly brought back my passion for piano and I'm playing more than ever.

My favourite piece is Un Sospiro (no, I can't play it yet), which is above my level, but I finished Arabesque now and I'm hoping to be able to play Claire de Lune in a few months (even though the minute 2:00 part looks a lot harder..)

Thank you so much for providing the sheet music for FREE and the videos are helping me so much in terms of finger movement and double checking the notes I read from the sheet.

You deserve every single sub, I hope you're soon going to be able to make a living from youtube, if not already.

Greetings from Germany!!

Edit: Some clarifications

All comments from YouTube:


Chopin's 1st Ballade. One of the most beautiful and substantial works in the entire solo piano repertoire, and the piece of his most dearest to me. Although a bit of craziness would have been fun (and... is coming...), hitting 1M subscribers after only starting my channel 10 months ago is still so hard to believe, and the piece closest to my heart - dedicated to you as a token of gratitude - was only piece I felt fit to celebrate the 1M milestone. Thank you for 1M ♥


@Echo: Tronic limelm mmm o Ik iis h


I'm the one love this song



Ramon Guardia

I'm feeling you are playing it without putting your soul in... It sounds like robotic for me...



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Ciência Todo Dia

Chopin! What a beautiful way of celebrating 1M subs! Congratulations!

- Tio Leal -

@Fabricio Cruz yes

- Tio Leal -

@Frédéric François Chopin sim, pedro loos por aqui

- Tio Leal -

@Felipe Brito né cara :0

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