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Fantaisie-Impromptu Op. 66
Frédéric Chopin Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Frédéric Chopin:

Hulanka Szynkareczko szafareczko Co ty robisz stój Tam się śmiejesz …
Moja Pieszczotka Moja pieszczotka gdy w wesołej chwili Pocznie szczebiotać i …
Narzeczony Wiatr zaszumiał między krzewy Nie w czas nie w czas koniu Ni…
Nie Ma Czego Trzeba Mgła mi do oczu zawiewa z łona W prawo i w…
Precz Z Moich Oczu Precz z moich oczu Posłucham od razu Precz z mego serca I se…
Sliczny Chlopiec Wzniosły smukły i młody O nielada urody Śliczny chłopiec cze…
Smutna Rzeka Rzeko z cudzoziemców strony Czemu nurt twój tak zmącony Czy …
Zyczenie Gdybym ja była słoneczkiem na niebie Nie świeciłabym jak tyl…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Morris Greg

I've just started working on this piece now, after a long 10+ years after dropping Piano Performance as a sophomore. I've taken private piano lessons my entire life. This will be the now 3rd Chopin etude I'll memorize to tempo. So far i've memorized the first 28-ish measures, and can (almost) perform it at the tempo of this, glorious video. My personal take of what I've learned so far is that Chopin wanted to test the piano player's skill of "independence" between the left and right hands. He does this a lot though, in many pieces, but nothing quite like this piece.

So due to the consistent, TWELVE "8th note triplet" rhythm of the left hand, written to be overlapped with the SIXTEEN "16th notes" that the right hand plays, it becomes pretty brutal. One simply cannot "comfortably" or "evenly" layer 16 evenly spaced notes played with the right hand, over the 12 evenly spaced notes played with the left hand, over any given time interval. 16/12 = 8/6 = 4/3 = 2/1.5, etc. The 4 evenly spaced right hand notes, played over 3 evenly spaced left hand notes, is the most efficient breakdown for me to learn the proper rhythm at my best. Then I move to 8/6, and so forth until entire lines are well performed.

Now, it's easy to play the "4/3" as I informally described above. What becomes quickly demoralizing is trying to play without having to stop. You find yourself stopping and readjusting the speed at which you're playing one particular hand, or noticing one of your hands' spacing begins to dwindle and become inconsistent.
This song is hard to play, and even harder to feeeel how to play as the performer. Simply getting the piece to flow forward in time consistently, at the written tempo, is a completely different challenge to the piano performer. Not just to piano, but to any percussive instrument.

This all goes without saying that the written melody, phrasing, and accents are just incredibly genius. It has dissonance, resolution, direction, movement, everything.

Damn you, Chopin.

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Ask and you shall receive, here is Fantaisie-Impromptu by Chopin!! With this piece we are now halfway to 100 videos, I'm truly grateful for you all as a community and love reading your comments on all of my videos - you are the reason Rousseau exists. There is more than one piece of Chopin's where he has taken inspiration from Beethoven, sometimes directly and sometimes subtly, but it's clear he was a great admirer of his works. Can you hear the Moonlight Sonata quote here?

Bubele Matanda


Lara Ghadban Saade

Yep plz


what's the music of the outro please


Yes! I can hear it actually but i didn't know this was intentional! Amazing!

Frédéric Chopin

Thank you, for making my impresive piece.

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Van Golliaz

I usually play this when I'm stressed so I can put out my stress and get more stressed by not being able to play it correctly.

(Impressive how so many people identify with this comment! I said sincerely, I can't play it, but I'm still trying! lol I love Rousseau's channel, I always come back here. Greetings from Brazil 🇧🇷)

Benjamin Phillips

That is the same with me I can relate bro!…. But I am going to practice this song all year to get it perfect!

Enzo Rodrigo

Ah cara eu o pior nem é a parte rápida, pra mim é mais difícil sincronizar a parte lenta e a "coda"

The Psychic Piplup

@Van Golliaz Yes, music is truly beautiful in every way. Every time I am depressed i sit down and play the piano. It really tells a story, and is so emotional.

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