Funeral March
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Chopin's Funeral March, the 3rd movement of his 2nd Piano Sonata, Op. 35. Written a few years before the rest of the Sonata, this piece was the basis for which the rest of the movements were written. Although highly regarded today, this Sonata was viewed quite negatively by his fellow composers and critics at the time of publication. Schumann even said that there was "something repulsive" about this movement in particular, Mendelssohn too viewed the sonata negatively. All of these critics are long gone, yet this Sonata lives on, and we can now appreciate the massive importance of the work. I hope you have a great Monday ♥

Chaaf de Graaf

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This song inspired Michael Giacchino (The Batman 2022 theme) and John Williams (Imperial March ' Darth vader's theme). It stands out to be an inspiration to great and known themes, while a lot never knew this fact..


I was wondering why it sounded like The Batman. I didn't know it inspired it


I was just about to mention "There's Something In the Way".


@Antarcio so?

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