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Nocturne in E flat major Op. 9 No. 2
Frédéric Chopin Lyrics

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Its okay to not be okay

my mom used to play this, along with other beethoven, chopin, mozart music.. she was soooooo excellent.. but her hands got a bit rusty, she used to say, because she havent played much ever since she became a mother of us three kids. Nevertheless, her ability to read music and play was still super outstanding.
Her big dream when she was younger was to become a professional pianist, even got her bachelors degree in music but she couldn't.. since memorizing music was a bit of a problem for her. And she chose to marry my dad and choose the path of a mother.

Her passion for music always stayed though.

Last year, she was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away this year on Februrary 1st. Which is also her mother's birthday..

I miss her very much. Too much.
I just hope.. she's fulfilling all her wishes and passion in heaven.

I can't keep wondering though, what would it be like if mom became a famous pianist instead of marrying dad.

Anyway.. if you read this far.. thanks for listening :) 💖

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Ludwig van Beethoven

I never felt so calm , this masterpiece touches my soul deeply


This version too. I've heard others that are good, but this one stands alone imo

Respuncules bruh

@Peter Rogers would a ghost be affected by the vibrations we use to hear is the question

♡︎Bria Herndon♡︎

Omg Beethoven your alive?!??!😲🤗😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Ophiela pain

Oh, hello Ludwig. Good to see you here.

Andrei Dumitrescu


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Maraisa Oliveira dos Anjos

Deus do céu. Fascinante. Obrigada Chopin

arthur. 振

chopin sempre vai ser um dos melhores músicos do mundo e não há quem mude minha opinião...

...essa obra-prima faz minha alma pairar como uma folha ressecada de outono num caloroso fim de tarde.


Te contaré algo, esta es mi canción favorita del género de la música clásica, desde que la escuché por primera vez me generó un sentimiento tan emotivo.
puedo escuchar en cada nota como cuenta nuestra historia, nuestra historia juntos, esos momentos tan emotivos, felices, divertidos, siento que toda nuestra historia es contada aquí, en esta canción, es muy importante para mí, quiero que también lo sea para ti.
solo puedo imaginar una noche, tu y yo, vestidos elegantemente en un lugar lleno de flores, en algún lugar de este universo, debajo de un gran árbol, tomados de las manos, bailando, tan felizmente que solo podemos llorar de felicidad :') 💜
esta canción es para ti :') 💜

Víctor Paz

Emily, un día me encantaria tocartela a ti, verte sonreir es.lo que más quiero, por ti estoy haciendo hasta lo imposible, ya que nada nos podrá detener, ni la gravedad, hemos nacido para conocernos y nosotros decidimos amarnos, recuerda que somos un complemento, nos casaremos y tendremos 10 hijos uwu 💜

Emii, eres y siempre será el amor de mi vida, te amo tanto que en esta vida no es suficiente para demostrarte todo mi amor, así que iré a buscarte en la siguiente, y te seguiré amando, de hecho mucho más, cada día que pasa me enamoro de ti :') 💜

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