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J.R.Isidore Just so the record shows I'm a super saucy snapper turned…

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Agatha Agatha, ne me ments pas! Agatha, ne me ments pas! Ce n'est…
Forest Nativity Come into the world my child Awake into life, my child Life…
Je pars maria Je pars, Maria Je pars à la guerre Dans le pays que…
Je pars, Maria Je pars, Maria Je pars à la guerre Dans le pays que…
La Condition Masculine Tu ne connais pas Sizana Sizana, c'est ma femme C'est ma fem…
Lettre à ma bien aimée L'ennui avec toi C'est que moi aussi je t'aime Si j'avais pu…
Lettre à ma bien-aimée L'ennui avec toi C'est que moi aussi je t'aime si j'avais pu…
Mon amour pour toi Mon amour pour toi (Francis Bebey) Mon amour pour toi… Mon a…
Sanza tristesse Le soir est triste Mon cœur est triste Ma vie est triste Y…

The Coffee Cola Song There are people in town man, crazy people in town Eating…

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Here to say his music is eternal even if he has already passed away. 19 yo boy from italy here 🇮🇹. Thanks francis for giving everyone a bit of knowledge around the world about african culture through your beautiful music. The world loves africa and african people ❤


I was standing in line at a farmers market and they started playing this and it totally hypnotized me.
I asked the guy behind me to save my place so I could discover who the artist was.
Thank you Mr Bebey🎉❤


Many thanks, Francis Bebey was a pioneer, sadly missed.


my new favorit track


came here from a concert , went to see Tame Impala and New Track was playing on the over head . I liked the instruments and funky beat, and it led me here . Listening to some Bebey , good stuff


they played this before they started when I saw them too


Exact reason I searched for this song as well haha :)


still live in 2020.. OZARK introduced and i had to discover the full body of work


What part of Ozark was this on?



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