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by Francis Dale

I'll let the words
capture me
And speak their way

You nurture me
Shelter my suffering
For only I can find solace in knowing that you've proceeded

Renounce me
Not utterly
I'll build a fortress where your memory used to live

Then I'll dissolve into the past
Safe where I'll last
Suspended In my doubt

Where you are

I'll let these thoughts
rustle me
And tear my veins

You summon me
Revoke my guilt so fruitlessly
For only I have no other option than dispose my dust and yield

Then I must melt into infinity
Mourn in your memory
Frozen in this field of love

Where you are

Contributed by Samantha F. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Raquel Vieira

Tão bom!!!

Jonathan Costa

clap clap clap.. so so so good music !!!

Luciana Mendes

Fantástico! Já está adicionado á minha playlist!
Muito, muito bom!

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