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Blue Skies
by Frank Sinatra

Blue skies (look up, look up) smilin' at me
(Take the azure in the dome, boy)
Nothin' but blue skies (it's mellow, fellow) do I see
(Blue skies, blue skies)

Bluebirds (did you ever) singin' a song
(Hear the bluebirds singin' the blues)
Nothin' but bluebirds (you won't say no) all day long
(The happy little birds, flap, flap happy)
(Sunshine everywhere, and everybody's happy)
(As a square at the fair, hoy, hoy)

All the days are hurryin' by
When you're in love, my how they fly
Blue days (talk about blue)
All of them gone (makes no misery, hmm, hmm)
Nothin' but blue skies (overhead)
From now on (Mister Elman, go ahead, go ahead)

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Comments from YouTube:

Vince Pavey

Mr. Data brought me here.

Christopher Crawford

Just heard this song on another TV show and felt a sudden melancholy sadness. Didn't understand why at first (wasn't a sad part of the show), then I remembered Picard and B4 singing this at the end of Nemesis.


Ha. Me too.

Kristina Her

Same here..
Love Mr. Data

Mitch Wood


Set phasers to 'culture'

Brandon Hortman


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Alexander Jarrett

WORF: "Irving Berlin."


Lmao I laughed that moment

The Handsome Minifigure

Commander Data brought me here. RIP, Data.


Now he's really gone. Soji's actor sang the song during Data's conscience's death in "Et in Arcadia Ego Pt. 2", making it really emotional as Soji was essentially Data's daughter.

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