Don't Take Your Love from Me
Frank Sinatra Lyrics

Tear a star from out the sky
And the sky feels blue
Tear a petal from a rose
And the rose weeps too

Take your heart away from mine
And mine will surely break
My life is yours to make
So, please, keep the spark awake
Would you take the wings from birds
So that they can't fly?
Would you take the ocean's roar
And leave just a sigh?

All this your heart won't let you do
This is what I beg of you
Don't take your love from me

Written by: HENRY NEMO

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Comments from YouTube:

Domenic Vitanza

my favorite song by Sinatra

M.J. Leger

Me too, he has recorded so many but this is unbeatable, he gives it the emotion it begs and makes you feel it deep inside your heart -- ouch!

David Walsh

A virtuoso performance from the master...just perfection

El Haj

See... Philip Seymour Hoffman us the master
Sinatra is just .... Sinatra

M.J. Leger

True! No wonder Sinatra is accurately called "The Voice" of the 20th century; he gave us over a half a century of superb, unforgettable music, with feeling and such talent that can never be duplicated, although many try!

Ward Harrah

My grandfather used to sing this song all the time. He'd always say "Id give A million tomorrows for just one yesterday" Now being a grandfather myself, I know what he meant...I sure miss you Big Daddy

M.J. Leger

I love your description of Sinatra's voice as aging like a fine wine, because indeed it did! He was a perfectionist and no one yet has excelled in every aspect of singing a ballad like he did. I preferred his voice from about the 60's to late 80's, in that it had matured, showed far more emotion because he had been through all the feelings and you heard that in some of his saddest but most remarkable ballads. He lost a couple of notes in his upper register but he gained a couple in his lower one, and his voice did mellow!.
I was privileged to attend several recording sessions and it was an honor to watch him work! His orchestras were always the best.

M.J. Leger

Almost too beautiful to hear, this has been a favorite song of mine since I first heard it many years ago, I had a lot of requests to sing it when I was working, and many musicians have recorded it; this Sinatra cover with his orchestra, is a favorite, although it hurts MY heart now! I must be sadistic, because I keep returning to hear it again, though it brings tears!
I don't think there's anything worse than losing someone you love, be it a family member, a spouse, a lover, or even a cherished pet! It hurts forever, though time helps some. but you never forget and you can't ever bring a love that's gone, back to you again!

Robert Zafaras

Never tire hearing this

Dr. killpatient

I love you Meagan. Forever in my heart.

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