Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
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Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Let your heart be light
Next year, all our troubles will be out of sight
Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Make the Yuletide gay
Next year, all our troubles will be miles away

Once again as in olden days
Happy golden days of yore
Faithful friends who are dear to us
Will be near to us once more

Someday soon we all will be together
If the fates allow

Until then, we'll have to muddle through somehow
So have yourself a merry little Christmas now

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas are both nostalgic and hopeful in tone. The first stanza encourages the listener to embrace the holiday spirit and put aside any troubles or worries. The lines "Next year, all our troubles will be out of sight" and "Next year, all our troubles will be miles away" express the hope that the coming year will bring relief and happiness, and that the current troubles will be forgotten.

The second stanza evokes memories of the past - the "happy golden days of yore" and the "faithful friends who are dear to us". The phrase "once again as in olden days" makes a direct reference to a time when things were simpler and happier. The nostalgia is balanced by the hope that these dear friends will be near once more.

The final stanza expresses the wish that one day soon, all loved ones would be able to celebrate together again, but until then, there is a need to "muddle through somehow". The song ends with a return to the opening sentiment, encouraging listeners to enjoy the present moment and have a merry Christmas.

Line by Line Meaning

Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Wishing you a joyful and festive Christmas celebration

Let your heart be light
Encouraging you to feel happy and carefree

Next year, all our troubles will be out of sight
Optimistically looking forward to a better future with the hope that problems will have been resolved

Make the Yuletide gay
Encouraging you to embrace the holiday season with joy and cheer

Next year, all our troubles will be miles away
Anticipating that any current struggles or issues will be far behind us in the future

Once again as in olden days
Recalling past memories and traditions during the holiday season

Happy golden days of yore
Reminiscing about good times and happiness from the past

Faithful friends who are dear to us
Appreciating and cherishing the presence of loved ones and close friends

Will be near to us once more
Looking forward to reuniting with friends and loved ones who are important to us

Someday soon we all will be together
Expressing hope for a future where everyone can be united and together

If the fates allow
Acknowledging that future plans are uncertain and dependent on factors beyond our control

Until then, we'll have to muddle through somehow
Recognizing that we must persevere and make do until circumstances improve

So have yourself a merry little Christmas now
Encouraging you to enjoy the present and celebrate the holiday season despite any challenges or difficulties

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Written by: Hugh Martin, Ralph Blane

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:


Pov: you’re at your grandparents house on Christmas Eve. It’s dark outside, and it’s snowing. You are all gathered around the fireplace, exchanging gifts to one another. A Christmas movie plays on the TV, and you’re lounging on the couch, conversing with your cousins, while munching on the chocolate chip cookies your grandma made, dipped in some frothy milk. Eventually, your family members start to leave, and your parents tell you it’s time to go. Reluctantly, you say goodbye to your cousins, family members, and walk out the door, and get into your car.

As the car pulls out of the driveway, you can see your grandparents waving from the front window. You give a wave back, and your parents drive away. As you are making your way towards your house, you gaze at the brightly shining lights that hang amongst the houses lining the street. Little flakes of snow dance across the window, occasionally landing on the glass, and melting. All is quiet, except the soft humming of the car’s engine. You eventually pull into the driveway of your house, and you step out, and enter the house.

As you enter your house, you instantly feel cozy from the warm temperature inside your house. You close the door, and take off your shoes. Your dog welcomes you before you even step into the living room, with a round of licks, and tail wagging. You make way across the room, and plug in the Christmas tree lights, and are immediately blinded by the complex array of lights that crisscross around the tree, the ornaments glinting off the light. You go down the hallway, and enter your room. You change into your pajamas, and pour yourself a glass of eggnog, wondering what surprises tomorrow morning has for you.

Eventually your parents say they are going to bed, and you tell them that you’ll be in bed soon. As the door to your parents bedroom closes, you set down your glass and gaze out of the window. The snow is now falling softly, and is giving you a sort of comforting feeling. You get nostalgic about the good old days of being a little kid, and being far more exited about Christmas than you are now, and only having to worry about being on Santa’s naughty list. You place your chin into your hands and begin to grow tired. You head into your bedroom, and close the door. You climb into your bed, covering yourself with the covers. You turn to your side, and close your eyes, falling to sleep shortly after

Merry Christmas (even though it’s July).

Doodle Pip

Bro! I had a Christmas like this before! You just brought a massive rush of emotion over me and now I can’t stop crying… Thank you for making me remember such a lovely time in my life Xxx

Ya know what? Screw it!

Merry Christmas, Curious1! And to everyone else out there!


Okay here's some imagery to hopefully brighten your day

Look up Christmas ballroom
After that imagine anything
Imagine being on a dance floor slow dancing to this song with the love of your life, you're not worrying about past regrets or what the unpredictable future holds, but rather you're just there. No more worries, no more hesitation, no more fear. You're just simply present in the moment, taking all that you see in, to recall the sweet smell of sweets linger in the air, and how your once cold self is now melting away in this warm comfort. Time seems to slow down, and as it does you look at your partner whose face is smiling like never before. And how thoughts are rush in your head full of emotion and childish dreams that all end in one conclusion Though I may not be the best person in the world or how sometimes I may leave you feeling sad, worried, or down right upset with me, I'm happy that of all people in the world you chose me to struggle through this beautiful your crummy world, and how you changed my life and now I just can't help thinking how lucky I am to have met you".

Life may be hard and it's okay to lose and make mistakes, and even be disappointed, but what isn't fine is lingering on these and having them stop you from making new ones. It's true that you have to work for what you want and that what you're trying to achieve may even be downright impossible but as long as you keep trying is enough. Life is kinda like a mine shaft, you're searching for something inside and after finding bundles of coal and other metals you end up finding yourself a diamond.

If all of the best things came about easily in life they would be called common and not rare

I recommend listening to Happiness by Rex Orange Country

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I miss christmas. I wish everyday could be as peaceful and normal for me as Christmas is. I want to feel happy again. I want to feel like there's magic in the world again.

Evi Kokkinidou


Brady Carpenter

Yeah 😔

Anastasia PNG

I feel you.I really miss NORMAL Christmas. Without coronavirus masks and pressure....Without social distancing and hate....

Doodle Pip

I completely agree… Nowadays, life is so stressful and so much is expected of each other… But at Christmas, everyone can finally be peaceful and relaxed. Meet ups with the family can be planned, holidays can kick in, the snow comes to greet us all as we are all snuggled up with our families with a nice hot chocolate and watch a movie with the fire burning in the fireplace… That’s the time of year I look forward to…

Josue Galvez

Same here !

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Wendi Rosas

from now on, our troubles will be miles away...
that line brings me so much peace in the most stressful of times

lily broderick

fr, im crying right now from it.


It makes me cry because it makes me think about just one day of happiness from a stressful year

Donald gray

Sadly, these days just bring more and more troubles. In the autumn of my life now, I look back on my childhood days for any happy memories to help me get through tough times. Christmas was my absolute favorite. We were poor, but happy.
Real tinsel on the tree, singing carols, the sears Christmas wish book arrived in time to mark our favorite pages.
Now, tinsel is no longer made, Sears is gone, and life is almost over. So hold on to your memories and the happiness you once felt.
Merry Christmas to you

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