What Is This Thing Called Love
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What is this thing called love?
This funny thing called love?
Just who can solve its mystery?
And why should it make a fool of me?
I saw you there, one wonderful day
But you took my heart and you threw my heart away
That's why I ask the Lord up in Heaven above
Just what is this thing called love?

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Frank Sinatra's song What Is This Thing Called Love? reflect the singer's confusion and bewilderment about love. The opening lines are a rhetorical question as to the nature of love and its inexplicable hold on human beings. The use of the word "funny" suggests that the singer finds love puzzling or even absurd. The next line "Just who can solve this mystery" implies that even the most intelligent and knowledgeable people cannot resolve the enigma of love.

The next two lines suggest that love can make people feel foolish or vulnerable. The singer wonders why love should have this effect on them. The line "So you're there when you want to possess" hints at the notion that love can be possessive and manipulative. The following lines reveal the singer's painful experience of love with the woman he loved. She took his heart, and he was left with nothing but tears and hurt. The final line reiterates the question about the essence of love, implying that even after the singer's ordeal, he is still no closer to understanding the nature of love.

Line by Line Meaning

What is this thing called love
I am perplexed by the concept of love

This funny thing called love?
Love is a peculiar and unpredictable emotion

Just who can solve this mystery.
No one can fully comprehend the wonders of love

Why should it make a fool of me?
Love can cause one to exhibit foolish behavior

So you're there when
You are only present when

You want to possess.
You seek to own or control something or someone

She took my heart
She captured my affections

You threw it away
You disregarded my heart and feelings

I cried for love
I expressed my longing and desire for love

In the heaven above.
I prayed for love to come from a higher power

What is this thing called love?
I am still bewildered by the enigma that is love

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Written by: Cole Porter

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Frank really sings from the heart and soul, I cry just listening


I probably own a great majority of Sinatra's CD's...but I've never heard him go lower than he does in the second line. "This funny thing called love" His range and phrasing were unmatched.


@@ReneedeBruin that's my favorite song of his, Ol' Man River and One For My Baby


He's all over that low "E".


Old Man River. Frank's done several renditions of that throughout his career. He kills it.


He was a baritone and very proud of it. Someone once referred to him as a “lyric baritone “ - one who had a pretty wide range.


@@mikedarrah6945 Isn't it an 'A'?

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Happy anniversary in heaven - 25 years today - miss you baby.


While the entire album is about Franks breakup from Ava Gardner, this song, and Frank's singing of the song, lays bare for all to see his true feelings about the breakup.


Scott Guido simple

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