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"This Ain
by Frank Zappa

Frank zappa (synclavier)
Ensemble modern

Ich bin grad reinkommen
(I just came in)
Und da hab I gsehn, dass
(and I noticed that)
Da so viel platz is
(there is so much room here)

[someone says that this is not the 'un man..']

Ich versteh kein wort
(I don't understand a word)
Ich bin do in dem klavier
(I am in this piano and )
Drinne und's klingt so komisch
(it sounds so strange)

[someone says 'this ain't cnn'...]

Do kommt ma scho rum in dem klavier
(you sure get around in this piano)

[someone says 'my fist speaks english...']

I net, I net, wenn I red no red I
(not me, not me, when I speak I do)
Scho bayrisch
(speak bavarian)

[a different voice in german:]

Bevor ich hier reingekommen
(before I came in here, I had a)
Bin, da hab ich ein patrami
(pastrami sandwich,)
Sandwich gegessen, es war gut
(it was good)

Gebt's ihm doch ein pony,
(give him a pony, yes, give him)
Jo, gebt's ihm ein pony
(a pony)

[then they talk about 'room service' and how to make a phone call from a payphone.]

Ah, a zahltelefon
(ah, a payphone)

[you hear again a different voice in german. this is a commercial for a german phone service company:]

(phone credit card)
Qualitaet und sicherheit
(quality and security)
Aus einer hand
(from one source)

Wir sind deutschlands
(we are germany's)
(communication company)

Drei null eins eins null drei eins eins drei sechs
(3 0 1 1 0 3 1 1 3 6)

Qualitaet und sicherheit
(quality and security)
Aus einer hand
(from one source)


[then it goes on until 'rap .. hip hop ...']

Sonate - das ist musik
(sonata (or serenade? )- that's music)

Mozart, mozart

(moonlight serenade)

Des klingt so grauenhaft
(this sounds so awful)
Des moecht I fei nimmer hoeren
(I don't want to hear this anymore)


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