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Duck Duck Goose
by Frank Zappa

1st part:
Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK
January 17, 1977

Ray White--guitar
Eddie Jobson--violin, keyboards
Patrick O'Hearn--bass
Terry Bozzio--drums

Terry Bozzio--voice
Patrick O'Hearn--voice
Davey Moire--voice?
Roy Estrada--voice

Moire?: What?

O'Hearn: Heh heh heh ye-yes!

I never thought you'd go from me
Now that you're gone
I miss you so much
Wha-Wha-Whatcha gonna do when the well runs dry?

O'Hearn: Oh-ooh-h listen to him go!

O'Hearn: Why don't you take it down to C-sharp, or an E?

Whatcha gonna do when the well runs dry-y-y-y?

Bozzio: Talk him down, Vic . . .
Moire?: Mmm . . .
O'Hearn: Come on down, Johnny . . .
Moire?: Okay . . .

Moire?: Yeah
O'Hearn?: Nope

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