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I'm A Beautiful Guy
by Frank Zappa

Frank zappa (lead guitar, vocals)
Ike willis (rhythm guitar, vocals)
Ray white (rhythm guitar, vocals)
Bob harris (boy soprano, trumpet)
Steve vai (guitar)
Tommy mars (keyboards)
Arthur barrow (bass)
Ed mann (percussion)
David ocker (clarinet, bass clarinet)
Motorhead sherwood (tenor saxophone, vocals)
Denny walley (slide guitar, vocals)
David logeman (drums)
Craig steward (harmonica)
Jimmy carl black (vocals)
Ahmet zappa (vocals)
Moon zappa (vocals)

I'm a beautiful guy
And you have just walked by
And I have gave you the eye
But you pretend to be shy
But I'm a beautiful guy
(you know what I mean? you know what I mean? )
So I want you to know why, why, why
You make me cry, cry, cry
'cause you wanna try, try, try
Some stupid game on me
They're drinking lighter
They're full of water
I hear them say:
"let's jog..."
They're playing tennis
They're butts are tighter
What could be whiter?
Your athletic approach has a lot of appeal
The girl is responding to your little deal
She's modern 'n empty 'n totally vain
But beauty, of course, can feel no pain


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Comments from YouTube:

CranBuried Saul

It makes me really upset every time that I enter to listen to this MASTERPIECE and I only see 6k views



Nick Yohe

How I feel on dating apps

Helmut Fieg

The cabaret Album. Satire at its best.

Sam R

Why Jims and Jills pay good money for memberships to Gyms, drop memberships after hooking up, then the Gyms go bankrupt and reconstitute in a new location, with a new name, to lure in the next batch of Jims and Jills. Also why investment in Gyms can be a good way of laundering cash - it's hard to track money that goes in and out of businesses that are designed to fail. They are also well-designed for other off-the-books services.

Chris McMullen

Such incredible instrumentation

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