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Lonely Little Girl
by Frank Zappa

Frank zappa (guitar, piano, lead vocals)
Billy mundi (drums, vocals, yak)
Bunk gardner (woodwinds)
Roy estrada (electric bass, vocals)
Don preston (retired)
Jimmy carl black (drums, trumpet, vocals)
Ian underwood (piano, woodwinds)
Motorhead sherwood (soprano, baritone saxophone)
Suzy creamcheese (telephone)
Dick barber (snorks)

Right now I have two hit-records on the charts
But that has not made me any money
It is so ... boy, and a lot of work
Which I do, I mean, I'm carryin' it out...
You're a lonely little girl
But your mommy & your daddy don't
You're a lonely little girl
The things they say
Just hurt your heart
It's too late now
For them to start
To understand
The way you feel
The world for them
Is too unreal
So you're lonely, lonely, lonely,
Lonely little girl

All your children are poor unfortunate victims
Of systems beyond their control...
Where did annie go when she went to town?
Who are all those creeps that she brings around?
All your children are poor unfortunate victims
Of lies you believe...
Where did annie go when she went to town...


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Comments from YouTube:

Jim Dyer

These lyrics are so poignant. If somebody was to sing this really slowly, and in a serious manner, it would tear the hearts out of lots of people.

Erik Haegert

I think the way it is sung is supposed to ironically distance the actual message of the song from the content of the text tho..


That intro sounds really similar to something from Cream

Robert Smith

Love this

Marcin Świetlicki


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