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Project X
by Frank Zappa


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Comments from YouTube:

Brad Sittmann

I like to play this for people because it makes them think too much. Some people just want to dance.

Putrid Abomination

If I dance to this I'll be the Dancing Fool

Sam R

You can dance to this, it's just harder, and looks weird.

Tyler Raleigh

Right - get them away from the radio and jukebox.   Stop letting others tell you what the "hits" are.    Dare to think for yourself, even when it comes to music.


Lord, You gave then Frank Zappa, yet they STILL insist on listening to something called "Lizzo"...

Joseph DeSimone

I am a fan of both of them. Why not be diverse and enjoy many things?

Bobby Vitulli

And she's not even Italian!

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