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Systems Of Edges
by Frank Zappa

[Guitar solo from Inca Roads
Rhein-Main-Halle, Wiesbaden, Germany
March 27, 1979

Denny Walley slide guitar
Warren Cuccurullo rhythm guitar
Tommy Mars keyboards
Peter Wolf keyboards
Ed Mann percussion
Arthur Barrow bass
Vinnie Colaiuta drums]

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Comments from YouTube:

Lawrence Forehand

This is the greatest guitar solo in recorded existence. I'm pretty sure this guitar solo, at loud volume, could end world hunger... And impregnate women. Yeah, I dig this tune.

Nicolas Marino

All this album is the greatest.


A door to the unknowable.

Red Amy

@Angela Siegfried Absolutely.

Angela Siegfried

LOL! Why doesn't it have millions more views!???

Ken Ward

I gave my then 16yo Son a new Strat for Xmas and also handed him a dozen of my favorite guitar CDs. Gilmour,Page,Hendrix,SRV, Trower etc etc... when I saw him a few weeks later he said all I listen to and play with is that Zappa guy and it was this CD which I also have on vinyl from when it was new. <<<----- Proud Poppa... 8 )

scott mooney

Nice way celebrate Frank's music is vast!.


Ken Ward any father giving guitars away is my friend - there is nothing like it 🤗 the guitar has healing power

Joe Mussari

Ken Ward it's funny when I was 16 my dad pretty much did the same thing. Showed me all the greats and I heard chungas revenge and I was hooked.

Wayne Danberry

+Ken Ward That Is Awesome! That 'Zappa Guy' Is Something Else!

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