The Air
Frank Zappa Lyrics

The air
Escaping from your mouth
The hair
Escaping from your nose
My heart
Escaping from the scraping
And the shaping
Of the draping
I'm awaking
In a T-shirt
In a Chevy
At the beach
And I'm freezing
And I'm wheezing
And I know
You were only teasing
I hit you
Then I beat you
Then I told you
That I love you
In my car
In a jar
In my car
In a jar

The air
Escaping from your pits
The hair
Escaping from my teeth
My hands
Are gripping
But they're slipping
And they're dripping
'Cause I'm tripping
I got busted (wasted)
Coming through customs (I'm so wasted)
With a suitcase (wasted)
Full of tapes (I'm so wasted)
It was special
Tape recording
And they grabbed me
While I was boarding

Yes, they grabbed me
Then they beat me
Then they told me
They don't like me
And I crashed
In my Nash
We can crash
In my Nash
We can crash
In my Nash
We can crash
In my Nash
We can crash
In my Nash


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Comments from YouTube:

Sam Black

my favorite song from Uncle Meat, I'm a sucker for when FZ went full-on doo-wop

Joey Dough

Same. Not really a fan of sock hop genre but Zappas twist on it grabs me.

Dungeon Dude

I can't stop picturing SpongeBob, Squidward and Patrick singing this song. Hahahahahaha

Aline Jacomett

Adoro essa letra...rsrsrs❤

Marvin Gershowitz

must be wazitkalhic it's the Greatest! - Zappa taught me civil disobedience more than Lenny Bruce who I respected during Zappa's Verve days.

Lou Cat

Jimmie Carl Black at his best

Eric Herrera

"Boy, what an imagination!"


Boy, what a voice!

Robert Allen



Boy, what a voice!

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