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The Dog Breath Variations
Frank Zappa Lyrics

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Frank zappa has enhanced the quality of my life tremendously


sadly not mine. and i feel his family are still wondering why i haven't bought a zappa piece yet...(?)

Orso Peruzzi

Sono con te amico

Van Dango

Chantix has reduced my urge to smoke.


Boy, is that an understatement ... i love it

Andrew MacGillivray

@elmerexpress maybe even More explosive?

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Jack Kilman

The older I get, the more I appreciate Zappa. He was the George Carlin of music, the Stravinsky of rock, and the clown prince of classical. It's a shame that, like so many great artists, he was mostly unappreciated in his own lifetime, and now orchestras all over the world are performing his works.

avera yugen

Good the mention of Stravinsky. YES.

Charlie Newman

Beg to differ, I was one of many—MANY—Zappa fans from the very 1st Mothers release.

Coyote Boy

@Vade Retro I was music major in the 70s and I can promise you, at least in the US, he was definitely unappreciated. At least for the genius he was.

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