The Dog Breath Variations
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lazy RRR

Thank Gaud the Europeans took Zappa seriously and appreciated him in his lifetime


You should check out the Berklee school of Music tribute...Young US college students digging Frank.


Thanks Uncle Frank. The only One that delivers the goods....!!!


Yes, we did. I went to his concerts a lot of times.


Worked in the music world as a sound engineer for live shows and some studio work in north america, in rock, jazz, folk, and I rarely met a musician who wasn't thrilled everytime a new Zappa record would hit the market. I would say that 90% of them would not only buy the album, but also would be in awe at what they heard. He was a musicians, musician. I even remember one day singing Merry Go Round on a sound stage while testing the mics, and this folk singer ran up to me all excited because I knew that song....he had actually met Larry in L.A.. We spent the enire night after the show discussing Zappas music...., Beefheart and also Larry Fischer.
And a slew of jazz musicians, from Cannonball, to Jack De Johnette also loved his music.

RES 33

@St Alfonso That's an oversimplified overstatement. Zappa was very well-regarded by American college students.A lot of Americans recognized his genius from the beginning. I grew up on Zappa and I'm American and jazz and baseball.

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Frank zappa has enhanced the quality of my life tremendously


@Γιωργος Καουνας hello there! Would love to visit Greek.. I’m not only a Zappa fan but an Orthodox Christian... are you Orthodox?

Γιωργος Καουνας

Greetings to all Zappa fans from sunny Greece! Zappa's music to me is a revelation that I have been blessed to witness

Mike V O


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