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Zomby Woof
by Frank Zappa

Three hunderd years ago
Thought I might get some sleep
Stretched myself out onna antique bed
An' my spirit did a midnight creep

You know I'll never sleep no more
To me it seem that is just ain't wise

Didja ever wake up in the mornin'
With a zomby woof behind your eyes

I am the zomby woof
I'm the creature all the ladies been
Talkin' about
I am the zomby woof
They all seek for shelter when I come chargin' out

Here I'm is, the zomby woof
Tellin' you all the zomby troof
Here I'm is...
Reety-awrighty, he da zomby woof
Reety-awrighty, he da zomby woof

They said aw-reety
An' they was aw-righty
An' I was a zomby for you, little lady...

I got a great big pointed fang
Which is my zomby toof
My right foot is bigger than my other one is
Like a reg'lar zomby hoof
If I raid your dormitorium
Don't try to remain aloof...
I might snatch you up screamin' through the window all nekkid
An' do it to you on the roof,

Don't mess with the zomby woof
I am about as evil as a boogie man can be!

Tellin' you all the zomby troof
Here I'm is, the zomby woof
Tellin' you all the zomby troof
Here I'm is, the zomby woof


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AP Music Theory 2019 Gang

Halloween Lett


Meme Stealer

Can someone please explain this AP music theory stuff? I feel like it’s something I should know about.

mark mccoy

@Ethan Ray cris stapelton


Yessss, college board spreading the Zappa joy

Putrid Abomination

I wish

15 More Replies...

Hobo Dawg



Frank's guitar solo gets so demented that it actually breaks reality, right around 3:20 you can hear the guitar crying out in pain from being spanked so hard

Duane Martin

Top 2 guitarists ever. That solo is quite mad and epic. Frank could play like anyone but no one could play like him. Phenomenal!


You don't need to be stoned to hear that, but it sure doesn't hurt either.

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