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Frank van Etten Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Frank van Etten:

Huisje Op Wielen Als ik de snaren van gitaren hoor dan maakt me…
Leef als een zigeuner Ze was als een godin, Avontuurlijk en mooi, Ze leefde van …

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Comments from YouTube:

Davy Roger

Thanks, the reverse engineering of the url looks intriguing although I'm not sure how id automate that process. As far as ended listings are concerned, I could find the price in the source code , just not sure how to search/get an item by its "viewItemURL", with the api. Thats what it appears certain sites such as checkaflip are doing. Maybe, maybe not.

Sami ullah

Hello Dr. Pi, if an API chances data roughly over 24h, how can I check if the data is changed without sending multiple random requests?

Python 360

You'll need to make a request at least every 24h otherwise you have no way of knowing if data has changed. Are you using the finding" API?
Making many/ multiple API requests is fine, I assume you're not checking more than 5000 products/keywords?

Sami ullah

@Python 360 just to make my application more efficient. And able to apply my learning on any future project.

Python 360

You are allowed 5000 a day. To help, can you explain why you need to be so conservative?

Sami ullah

@Python 360 or at least send as few APIs calls as I can

Sami ullah

@Python 360 i could be compared with previous data but I want to send API request only when data is updated, if it is possible

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Sami ullah

In git an error pops up when I try to pull remote repo in my local repo.
Error:==> fata: refusing to merge unrelated histories.
Please, let me know if I am doing something wrong or not follow best practices.

Here is my workflow:
1)on git hub created a repo with readme file

2) created an local folder in laptop
3) open bash terminal in that folder and run "git init"
4) git add .
5) git commit -m " some commit"
6) git remote add origin " url of remote repo"
7) git pull origin main

On 7th step that above stated error pops up.

Python 360

You effectively have a local repo and a repo that won't ever match.
Delete (or rename)your local folder.
Then pull down the repo from GitHub.
ie. Leave out steps 2-6 inclusive

Python 360

step 7: you need to push first, try instead:

7) git push origin master