Frankie Cosmos Lyrics

some day in bravery
i'll embody all the grace and lightness
everybody understands me
but i wish nobody understood me
so you could be
the one who did
all the grace and lightness
the world is pretty big
its cool we fit on it
it makes me wanna grow
so i can go see more
sarah is a lightbeam
from the picture jonah sent me
it makes me so happy
she embodies all the grace and lightness
its sunday night and my friends are friends
with my friends
it shows me
they embody all the grace and lightness
florist signs are everywhere
emily is in the air
on tour
with gabby
we'll embody all the grace and lightness

Writer(s): Greta Kline

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Bente Brunia

on Birthday Song

Just because i am a certain age,
doesn't mean that i am any older
than i was yesterday.
cause i get all flushed and ugly,
i wonder how ever he loved me,
i am so clumsy.
i think how repulsive to you
it must be when
i refuse to do the things you want me to.
i hate everybody in this town,
so i walk around with my head down,
and sit alone.
sometimes i just want you .....
but i know that that is no, no,
it's so impossible,

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