Nebolous Termini
Frantic Bleep Lyrics

Would they never wake up?
Those of the first water

Have you seen
The rising generation,
And those who
Couldn't fight?

The were always drinking
The fluid of our well
They were always eating
In time before harvest

We came from far away
Only to find you in lethargy

Have you seen the rising generation,

And those who couldn't fight?

Would they never wake up?
Those of the first water

Contributed by Alexandra I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Jake Nunn

one of the best songs of the album


This is so fresh and original in these days Keep it up

Janderson Dias

Great band, I came here just because of the Madder Mortem new guitarist Patrick Scantlebury, but this sounds amazing.

davide bolzoni

I got this album in 2004, glad to hear it's still fresh and original in 2020

nicholas peter gagg

Yep this album is great and many years ahead of it's time, and sounds original unlike a lot of modern metal. Have you heard anything new that I should check out as I have gone back to listening to my FUGAZI and KILLING JOKE albums and I am struggling to find new bands that I like in rock/metal music.I used to buy Terrorizer magazine (but gave up due to lack of interesting bands) and this was on a sampler c.d. and immediatly bought the album, also I bought an album by a band called ASGAROTH -another one album and they are gone. Check out a track called Naked Eye (2002) it was really strikng and had a unique heavy sound.

Tony C

@adolf13jake I agree with you


I saw a babie's face in there

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