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The 3rd Stage
Frantic Bleep Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Frantic Bleep:

A Survey Wait and see... Come see the floodstricken areas! The stret…
But a Memory The king abdicates In favor of one's son Ruined by the…
but_a_memory The king abdicates In favor of one's son Ruined by the…
Cone In our cradles we dream sweetly Of destinations we can never…
Curtainraiser Dance, dance, dance My little fairy queen That is the most…
Mandaughter Faster, faster! They'll catch you soon! Jump in the well! T…
Mausolos The winds of Sunday told us Where we could find hell To…
Nebolous Termini Would they never wake up? Those of the first water Have …
Neboulous Termini Yet I tremble... Why Tremble before the abyss... Would t…
Sins of Omission The man came down with a crash He made a charge…
The Expulsion By the web of umbilical cords The Circletowers led their sh…
___but a memory The king abdicates In favor of one's son Ruined by the…

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The Ultimate Challenge

@Sirexoxo she didn’t call all the rookies Layups only Gabbie and Amber annoying she only called two people weak then the itty bitty squad
(Gabbie,Amber B,Amber M and Big T)Voted her in the more girls voted her in then people thought she was annoying because Kam didn’t like her and Kam & Leroy are dating so they have multiple friends.Leroy friends with Nanny who’s friends with all the vets and one of the vets are C.T who is friends with Big T who is friends with the itty bitty squad.And just to her elimination record is tied up.
Dirty 30 Won Marie(But the elimination was cut down to make it look like tori was walking her but Marie was really good and about to beat her)
Final reckoning Lost against Sylvia and Joss(Because Derrick Henry is popcorn muscles)
War of worlds Won against Georgia and Jenny(She Beat 2 beasts who were in the top females that season and She took down Jenny who is made out of bricks)
Total maddnes Lost against Jenna(Because she didn’t listen to Jordan to not push the brick pieces and because she thought Jenna was checked out)
Double agents lost against Annesa(Because she couldn’t pull her big rock thing)

Reason of voted in

Dirty 30
She was a rookie and rookies gotta prove

Final Reckoning
Everyone was surprised at how terrible Derrick H was and thought he was terrible so they thought her and her partner down.

War of the worlds 2
She just switched teams and the UK team didn’t know if she was a good competitor
They didn’t have anybody else to throw in.

Total Maddnes
She thru her self in the elimination thinking it was easy to beat jenna.

Double Agents
I already explained that

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Honestly impressive how Big T and her itty bitty committee created this plan and executed it! Smart on their end if they knew Aneesa and Tori were going to target them

pang alan

@Cusitsjess she act like she's a top dog ever since dirty thirty but the only time she went to a final was with jordan. she cant even beat Kam on eliminations.


@pang alan I agree. And idk why tori is going so hard on rookies for.
Wasn't she a rookie when she made it to the final (thanks to Jordan)
She could've won as a rookie; while as a "vet" she doesn't even make it to half of the challenge.


@Vallen Goldshmidt I miss Laurel. Same with Cara. They’re beasts!

Vallen Goldshmidt

@Jaesha too bad theres no Laurel. She would've ate them all alive


@TCJ They win the big money? 😯

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Why is this called OG friends when only Anessa is an OG and Tori hated her in Dirty 30? Their friendship was more surprising to me tbh because I had no idea they were even friends until this season.

Tina P

@Dante Bradley honestly I think that’s mature of her.

Ramona Flowers

@Dante Bradley getting past it is though

Carmel Rigueur

THANKYOU! I said the same thing... Tori has dogged Aneesa since their first interaction on the show. Worked to get her gone and often got mad when Aneesa returned from redemption... I just don't get how now all of sudden Aneesa is her bestie.

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