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Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Andante' by these artists:

ABBA Take it easy with me, please Touch me gently like…
Ingrid Jacoby (pf); Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; Sir Charles Mackerras How can I see when the light is gone out? How…
Lee Soo Young [이수영] Nurige hajiman bunmyonghage jogume momudgorimdo obshi Moro…
Super Junior [Donghae] Jami wa jami wa I jiteun nunmul kkeute kkeuchi wa …
神南高校管弦楽部 光のピッツィカート となりは君の場所 それだけ たったそれだけが こんなにも愛しい 誰よりきっと 君だけが恋しい だから…

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Justin Zhao

ignore, its for my class

the melody is pianissimo (Very soft) with a higher pitches and other parts include a very forte (Loud) and low note. Its really loud and then decrescendo. (gradually getting softer) The temp ranges from the forte parts being Allegro (fast) to decrescendo being Andante (walking speed) to adagio (slow)

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the life of neo

The story behind this song ( that my band teacher told me) is that the creater of this song was mad because people were falling asleep at his concerts and he made this song to wake them up


Me too

Ian Hudson

According to Wikipedia, Haydn's Biographer Georg August Griesinger asked him whether he wrote this "surprise" to awaken the audience. Haydn replied: "No, but I was interested in surprising the public with something new, and in making a brilliant debut, so that my student Pleyel, who was at that time engaged by an orchestra in London (in 1792) and whose concerts had opened a week before mine, should not outdo me. The first Allegro of my symphony had already met with countless Bravos, but the enthusiasm reached its highest peak at the Andante with the Drum Stroke. Encore! Encore! sounded in every throat, and Pleyel himself complimented me on my idea."

Subramanian A

Yes. Really this would wake anyone up!

PROton-ic Beats

@JJ Broskie yeah, Haydn tbh is kinda boring lol



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Daniel Wilson

I can imagine Haydn performing this for the first time, and at the jumpscare he kinda turns his head towards the audience and smiles.

julie fournier

C de la merde ta musique ecoute du jul frere


It was one of his patrons

Naa Ami


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